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Just in the past year iv been building my Pc sound system buying the best sound card & 5.1 system to get the sound im looking for now that i think im done i'm now looking for Hd music in the form of 5.1 surround and i have found the best quality is when you extract the music from dvd audio which can give you 24bit 96khz 6ch 8000kbps amazing sound but the price of these dvd audio discs can be down right ridiculous so i may have to give up the idea about making a hd collection..But i was thinking and i'm wondering if its possible to get the same quality from vinyl if so would it be worth my while to buy a turntable and i have friends who has all kinds of records tons to be accurate now id like to know is it possible to get the same quality as ripping from a dvd audio disc..
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  1. While vinyl certainly has some sonic advantages over digital getting the most out of an LP rip is not cheap. The turntable, tonearm, cartridge, wiring, phono preamp and analog to digital converter (in your sound card or external) all contribute to the sound.
    It can cost a serious amount of money (easily multiple thousands or more) to do this at a high level and then it takes time. If you don't like the pops and ticks you can remove them but it can degrade the sound if not done with care.
    You would also only get 2 channels of audio not 5.1.
    If you are interested in higher than CD quality files check out and the Onkyo site (use chrome for this to translate to English). Onkyo will have a US version next year.
  2. Thanks for the feed back id really like to deal with HD but they don't deal with International orders at this time, you'd think they would least deal with Canada...Another option i have when it comes to getting around the high cost of quality is super audio hybrid discs what's your opinion on that..Is the quality there compared to ripping DvD audio. In the pass i have ripped Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon and others & ended up with 24bit 96khz 6ch 8600kbp/s which is totally amazing quality..Now i understand super audio is SADAC format which is one hell of alot cheaper on the wallet but does it have the quality im looking for...?
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    SACD does have the quality you are looking for and they can be ripped with the right PS3. As far as I know they are not coming out with new DVD-A but there are new SACD issues (classical primarily).
  4. Classicial well im not really into classicial less its rock...Im mainly into the 70's & 80"s and there's plenty of dvd audio out there but the only downfall is that there so expensive there getting as high as $200 for 40 songs from Led Zeppelin even Fleetwood Mac rumors goes for $180 but mind you after ripping them id have some really high Quality Ear Candy...But in working on it what im doing is calling around to my friends who also like quality & if i can get ten of us on board that would bring the cost down so a nice collection can be affordable..But i'm not doing to bad so far these are some of my collection in 24bit 96khz 6ch 8000kbps Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult, Dire Straits, Genesis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd,Queen, Talking Heads,Steeley Dan, R.E.M. Michael Jackson And B.T.O. & i have Sting & Bob Marley ordered and i use DvD Audio Extractor 7.0.2. which also rips SacD so my hobby is taken off nicely...Feel free to join in
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