Ghost wind-noise on condenser microphone

Have been using a blue spark condenser mic for the past two years or so. had no problems till recently. when i boost the gain to usable levels i hear very bad wind noise that peaks the mic. Here's an audio sample.

The noise clip is only during the first 25 secs. Normal expected sounds are the clock ticking in the background and the hum from my aircond. The issue is the intermittent buffeting noise (as if there was a gust of wind), any ideas?
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  1. Try another microphone, if that does not fix it, you may have a problem with your motherboard.
    Does the mic have a battery inside? If so the battery may be dead.
  2. My other mics all work fine. It's just this one. I've tried swapping preamps and the problem is still there.

    No the mic is phantom powered. I tried storing it in a really dry place because i read somewhere this might be due to humidity. But it didn't work. Any ideas? the clipping is really frustrating
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