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How to buy cheap printer ink

Hi all! I recently had a really positive experience buying ink from a generic reseller online. It worked great and saved me a bunch. I wanted to share this experience with you guys, as I'm sure many have been frustrated with ink purchasing. I posted a through review on my blog, linked below. Hope you find it helpful. I, for one, will never pay retail prices for printer ink again. this may sound like a plug from a reseller, but no, I've been on these forums for years.
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  1. it works great, till your printer is stuffed from using the wrong ink.
  2. I you're concerned with clogging your printer the article above has a link to the inkjet refiller forum. You can ask an entire community which ink is the best for your printer. It's a very active forum, by the way.
  3. I can show you the bin full of inkjets out the back of our repair shop ruined from aftermarket inks, then maybe you will believe that your wasting your time with non-genuine inks. Aftermarket inks are NOT the same as the manufacturers product, the manufacturers micro-filter their ink and use clean anti-static, non human contact procedures to make their ink, that is why it costs more. They also sometimes do not make much money, if any, on selling the printer in the first place, so they have to make money somewhere....
  4. I believe you when you say you have printers that were ruined by generic inks. That said, does it mean ALL aftermarket inks are bad?
    Also. I'm saving about 60 bucks each time I buy a set of after market inks. How many times will I be able to use them before they clog the nozzles on my $250 printer? If I get to do it 5 times before I ruin my printer and have to buy a brand new one, I still save money AND I have the latest printer model. Just a thought.
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    i wouldnt say ALL the inks are bad, they just dont work properly with the printers they are supposedly designed for. They also dont produce the same image quality as genuine inks, colours are different.
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  7. I'd try It shows you the prices from 6 or 7 different sites so you can see who has the best price.
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