Windows 7 drivers free download for toshiba satellite c850-f10m laptop

hi. i need drivers for a Toshiba laptop with windows 7. (very old so very slow) i need the internet driver and the sound driver.
plz help... this is urgent. thank you. :pt1cable:
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  1. The ONLY place to download these are from the Toshiba website.
    DO NOT download drivers from other sources.
  2. You can also look for the parts manufacturer to get the drivers! You should look which audio chip your laptop has (i.e. realtek) and network chip (i.e. intel wifi) and go to those manufacturer's pages and get the drivers. But, if your laptop is too old, you should consider leaving it with XP.

    Sorry for my bad english... hope you understand.

    Greetings from Argentina!
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