Whats better i3 or duo core?

Hello,buying an hp touchsmarttm2 - have choice of core 2 duo 1.6ghz or i3 1.2 ghz. will use it for fashion design drawing, for school, for utube, etc. which is better?
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  1. The new i3's are still dual core like the core duos, but the i3's will be faster, produce less heat, be easier to overclock, and won't be as loud. I would go with the i3, but for what you're doing I would focus on getting a decent graphics card rather than a faster processor.
  2. I concur with TomTomz. The i3's are a newer and better architecture, which in turn will give you more performance/speed, etc... over the older C2D. For reference check this link out:

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