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I have spent the better of a day researching, and am more confused the more I read. I am a novice, so please bear with me.
I purchased a Denon AVC-1913 recently to add HDMI capabilities to my home system. Previously, have a home audio solution (built by professionals) with 4 seperate receivers for 4 zones in our house, with multiple RCA splitters allowing each receiver to receive output from our cable box, and cd/dvd
I wanted to add HDMI to support Apple TV. Which appears will work. However, the Denon receiver does not have an additional output to re-route to the other receivers. (I would like the other zones the capability of cable/apple TV transmission)
I would like to utilize the additonal zone option the denon has (speaker output to additional zone)... however this will require a speaker to RCA adapter.
Finally my question: Can I get a cheap speaker wire to RCA wire adapter, or do I need to purchase a line-level converter?
Or do I box up the receiver I purchased and get a Yamaha with an additional output.
Thank you!!
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  1. http://usa.denon.com/Assets/images/products/AVR-1913/EL_de_avr1913_e3_bk_re_bg001_lo.jpg
    HDMI active splitter will drive multiple lines from one output
    You need an HDMI distribution amp / splitter...
    RCA speaker adapter. This makes no sense. Try to explain what you are trying to do with more details. There is no RCA plug on a speaker wire...rca is shielded, for low level preamp signal. RCA is not for speaker connections.
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