Which 3D Monitor - Acer GD245HQ or BenQ XL2410T ??

Hello all ;)

i want to buy a 3D Monitor 24'' for 3d games movies and pics and 2D in general.

for overall use.

my options are as follows :

Acer GD245HQ 24''


benQ XL2410T 24''


which one do you recommend, which one would you get and tell me why please.

i gotta buy the monitor soon, already got the 3D glasses from nVidia ;)

and i look forward to picture quality ( vivid wallpapers ) and 3D performance

Thank you very much for you input on this. ;)

RyanX303 :sarcastic:
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  1. cmon can anyone tell me something ?
  2. why is there NO ANSWER in this forum. i thought Tom Hardware was POPULAR......

  3. The acer is my choice!
  4. but why? justiy your answer pleaseeeee
  5. by the way i like Area 51! nice sig!
  6. Thanks,because i own 4 acer monitors is why i said acer,the benq is very nice also,either one would serve you well!
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