Toshiba portege 3500

how do i get it to boot from usb cd cuz it has no cd drive. thanks.
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  1. You have to go into the BIOS and change the boot sequence so that whatever USB port the drive is on comes before your HDD. Otherwise, it will just get bypassed.
  2. theres an option for fdd, hdd, cd, lan but no matter which i put first/what order it doesnt matter it doesnt detect my usb cd drive.
  3. I can't really remember but I used to sell used laptops and had a few of these I think they either needed a specific PCMCIA drive or a drive with a unique Toshiba port to boot from a drive. Are you trying to install XP?
  4. no im trying to install auditor security collection, but this wont work with an xp disc either.
    anyone else got any ideas?
  5. well heres what i tried:
    copied the files from the auditor cd to a 1gb sd card.
    stuck the card into the toshiba's sd slot.
    still no luck.
    with f12, all i get is a TOSHIBA: IN TOUCH WITH TOMMOROW bios screen with little icons below it where i can select hard drive (it has none), cd, floppy network, and pcmcia (i think)...
    thing is, it doesnt have a cd drive or floppy, and i figured i didnt need the noisy-ass win98 4200rpom 4.86gb ibm hdd i stuck in there :)
  6. so my main question now is:
    1. does just copying the files over work
    2. how do i boot from sd slot?
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