Network System that can handle 2.5 Million People

Dear all professionals,

The question I am going to ask here is about Network Engineering; sorry if I post this in the wrong area, but I am just very satisfied with every answer that I ever get from here.

I am going to propose a network solution to my client; the system requirement is to handle 500 Thousand users working concurrently in the web application and store 2.5 million users database. The problem I am facing is, I don’t have much experience in deploy those large systems, and I don’t know what kind of hardware resources will be need.

Below is my estimated system, 2 Web Server, 3 Database Server and 2 Application Server. Can you please have a look and tell me is these applicable and will the system be stable? Does it enough to split database Server into 3? Or maybe more? Did I miss anything? Where can I find more resources? Your advice is important to me, please help. I am really thanks and appreciate.

2 * Web Server – 2 Intel Pentium Itanium Processor at Speed > 1G
At Least 1G Memory
100base Network Card
30 GB Hard disk
Windows 2000 Advanced Server

3 * Database Server – 5 Intel Pentium Itanium Processor at Speed > 1 G
At least 5GB Memory
100base Network Card
80GB Hard disk * 2
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
MS SQL-Server 2000 Enterprise

2 * Application Server – 2 Intel Pentium Itanium Processor at Speed > 1G
1GB Memory
100base Network Card
30GB Hard Disk
Windows 2000 Advanced Server

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  1. Where are you buying these servers from?

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  2. not even close. 500,000 users working concurrently on a total of seven servers........sorry, but that might be able to handle 5,000 users concurrently. to handle that kind of volume you need to make a major capital investment. your client should contract out with a firm that can offer multiple (dozens) rack mounted servers.

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  3. Not to mention he's running Windows, meaning he'll need 2x-3x the machines for redundancy....

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