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Hi, lately I have been working on a Youtube show called Kick Ass Gaming News. Heres a link tell me what you think. The whole show took me around a week and a half to make, I did most of the recording and voices (except for the first part of it with the 2 other NPCs). I used a kinda crappy mic for my recording so i know the quality isn't great. I'm going to start working on a second episode once this one gets more hits. I used Sony Vegas Pro to edit and recorded with Fraps in 720p @30FPS. Thanks for checking this out.
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  1. Nice job! Have your director of marketing contact HP and line of some lame advertising on the site.

  2. Thanks for checking it out, but unfortunately Youtube already has enough bad advertising. How did you like the end :3
  3. Shoot I watched almost to the end and got hungry and stopped it short. I'll have to check it out later, heading to a well deserved dinner. It's always the ending that makes the difference between four **** and a two ** rating.
  4. Yea it really does make the difference. (the end i mean) I thought it was funny that Gman in the half life 2 series is a real creepy guy, and i made him a like able character.
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