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please tell me which one is better for daily use, using some programs such as LATEX and c++ programming,and sometimes gamming.
inspiron 1564(cpu ci5 430m- 4GB ram-intel 4500MHD-HDD 320 5400rpm)
inspiron 5010(cpu ci3 330M- 4GB ram-ATI radeon 5470 1GB-HDD 320 5400rpm)
inspiron 1564(cpu ci3 330M- 4GB ram-ATI radeon 4330 512MB-HDD 500 7200rpm)
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    None will be good for gaming,because all are low-end cards,however 5470M>4330>Intel 4500MHD
    As for daily usage,all of them are good, i would go wit the last one because of having a faster HDD(But don't expect a good gaming performance from either of them)
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