Athlon64 temp range

I recently built my first PC. The specs are:
Coolermaster Praetorian case
Gigabyte GA K8NS Pro mobo
Antec True Power 430
AMD Athlon64 3000+
Kingston HyperX PC3200 512MB RAM
Maxtor 80 MB HDDD
ATI Radeon 9200 SE.

Since I'm kind proud of myself, I really don't want to fry any eggs on the box, let alone the CPU. According to Motherboard Monitor 5, the CPU is at 54C and the case at 26C. The hottest the CPU has ever gotten is 70C, and then only for a few moments. If I'm reading AMD's tech specs correctly, the max CPU temp is 89W and the max case temp is 70C. (
Should I be concerned if the CPU hits 70C? What level should I set the CPU temp alarm?

I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:
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  1. "The art of mixing a great cpu with one of the worst videocard"

    An egg is realy only just liquid chicken.
  2. 70° C would have me a little concerned. You are really going to melt your chip or anything, but you really shouldn't be that warm. I consider anything below 60° C acceptable. If the 70° C was just a fluke, I wouldn't worry about it, if it happens a lot, I would be changing something.

    Are you using a retail heatsink? Or did you buy a heatsink from someone else to use with this chip?

    The fan in the rear of your case is an exhaust fan right?

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  3. First thing, loose the
    Maxtor 80 MB HDDD

    and get one at least a gig. (just kidding).
    Temp sensors are seldom right. The best test, is to run prime95 torture test for a few hours. If you gett errors, your chip is too hot.
  4. "The art of mixing a great cpu with one of the worst videocard"

    I've used nothing but ATI cards in every PC I've owned since the old Mach 32 and never has one gone south. Plus their AGP copatibility far exceeds nVidia. I was able to use the same Radeon card in 2x, 4x and 8x slots with no problems. nVidia wouldn't even recognize 2x and stumbled with 4x.

    I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:
  5. Ati makes great graphics chips, but the s(hitty)e(dition) on almost all of thier chips, are not worth anything.
    Friends dont let friends buy SE. An 8500LE would be much better. A 9600np can be had for only a few bucks more, or a normal 9200 would be fine. Even in solitaire, the image quality would be noticable.
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