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Primary to secondary monitor problem resolved!

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July 9, 2010 12:46:01 PM


I've noticed in various forums that a lot of people struggle to find a way to move their primary display ~(usually a small screen) onto their secondary monitor (usually a larger external monitor). I've seen lots of solutions that involve changing display settings etc. and whilst some seem to work, many appear not to.

There's an instantaneous and very easy way to fix this problem - and it doesn't require fiddling with settings, software, drivers, or any of the stuff that's often recommended.
And contrary to 99% of the advice offered on this issue all over the internet, resolving this problem is dead easy, takes about 3 seconds, and you don't need to change ANY of your computer's display settings!

Here's what you do:

The page you're looking at right now is on your primary display monitor -which is almost certainly your laptop or tablet's little display screen, otherwise you wouldn't be bothering to read this! Your secondary display monitor - probably a larger screen on which you want this page displayed - is either above, or to one side of, your laptop or tablet. Right?

Now: look at the top right corner of this page and make sure the page is NOT maximised. If it's NOT maximised, which is what you want, the middle button of the three buttons up there will have a picture of 2 little monitors on it. If it IS maximised, it will have a picture of just 1 monitor on it - in which caase you need to left click on the button to "de-maximise" it.

Now put your mouse cursor on the TOP margin of the screen (the bit that says "Tom's Hardware UK and Ireland Forums" and so on. Hold down your LEFT mouse button and, while holding down the button, simply drag the page onto your secondary monitor screen!

The beauty of this is that apart from now having the page you're interested in on your big secondary monitor (which has just become your big promary monitor!), you also have your Windows desktop, with all its icons and other facilities, uncovered and available for use on your laptop or tablet monitor.

Now - how easy was that?

Happy viewing!

Chris B.

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a b D Laptop
a b C Monitor
July 10, 2010 6:49:06 AM

Well done! Hopefully people will actually search the forum if they have this issue so they can find this.