Preparing automatic repair - Boot issues, please help!

Hello! I've been trying to fix my damn laptop for the past 3 days, and I am out of ideas. I have a Vaio running Windows 7 initially on 500GB HDD, but I also partitioned about 30GB to test Windows 8 - that was weeks ago so I don't think it's the issue.

While loitering the internet my computer suddenly froze of movement then blue screened with text (I'm not sure of what it said) so I restarted and now Windows 7 or 8 doesn't boot, it gets to a "Preparing automatic repair" message and hangs for a very long time.

Fast forward to right now:-
1. I turn on the laptop, to the Vaio logo.
2. Then Boot manager appears with either Windows 8 or 7 as options.
3. Click Windows 7 for example and am given two options, 'Launch Startup Repair (recommended)' or 'Start Windows Normally'.
3. a. Select 'Launch Startup Repair' and I get the "Preparing automatic repair' message, then the Windows loading bar appears for about a second, then I'm met with a blue wallpaper with a leaf where it hangs.
3. b. Select to start Windows 7 normally and I get a brief, "Preparing automatic repair" message and then cuts to a black screen, then hangs to a blue wallpaper with a leaf on the right.

Everything is very slow to load, When I had gotten to System Recovery Options I selected Startup Repair and left it for 23 hours before I figured it simply wasn't working and I shut it down.

1. When I boot from a Windows 7 disk it loads the install window giving me "Install now" or "Repair your computer".
2. I really, really, do not want a clean install so I select repair. It hangs at the blue wallpaper again.
3. After waiting it gives me 'System Recovery Options' with Window 8 and Windows 7. Worryingly Windows 7's partition size is apparently 0MB.
4. After more waiting it is now showing, "Searching for Windows installations..."

I really couldn't give a *** about Windows 8, I just need to get my files from the palace that is Windows 7 then - hopefully - reinstall it. I was inbetween backups, so there is stuff I utterly must regain.

So, patrons of Tom's Hardware, can you honestly please help me save my ***. I am genuinely worried. And will be over the moon if I could just retrieve my things.

Thank you very much, I will do everything you recommend. :sweat:
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  1. Can you remove the drive and use an external enclosure or gadget like this:
    To get your files from the disk? If so does your Vaio have a recovery partition that would let you restore it to factory settings? That would be my next step. If it doesn't have that, go ahead and use your Win7 install DVD.
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