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Hello ppl please help me choose a laptop for engineering programming(i require a powerful setup) as well as high end gaming!!! Budget $1000 to $1500 help please
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    For your budget,ASUS G73 would be a great choice(if you want a 17" laptop) or Sager NP8690(if you want a 15" one)
  2. What Maziar suggested will do the job excellently. For comparison or to broaden out your search though, here are a few others to consider:
  3. My problem is that i might not be able to get these in India so if u could give me few more stuff it'll be really helpful
  4. Can you provide a site so that we can see the options available ?
  5. umm i have no speecific site preference u could tell me sumthng from the Dell(Alienware) or HP laptops ill if i can find a website !!!!
  6. AW M15x would be good too(the only downside is that is a little too heavy for a 15" laptop)
  7. Umm a bit expensive as well da M15x wouldnt an M11x b ok ??? it fits my budget well and da battery is cool but i was worried about the processing power?? What do you say???
  8. If you are OK with a 11" laptop,then M11x would be good,its not as powerful as a M15x but it can handle games fine on medium settings,here is a review of it
  9. Hey thanks ill be considering this!!! but Alas i got another problem the Alienware which is worth $1200 in the US is equal to about $2100 when i purchase it in India so no worth for my money!!!!!! So you gotta help me with sumthng frm HP or any other Dell laptop the indian sites for both of these are
    HP -
    Dell -
  10. Anything you can find with a ATI 5650M/Nvidia GT 330M would be a good choice for gaming
  11. ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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