Computer boots up but cant open a program

:pt1cable: Lately, when I first boot up for the day, I am not able to activate any programs on my desktop by clicking on an icon. sometimes i get the wheelie spinning round but nothing happens, this am i tried to open windows live mail and received an error message. Unfortunatley I cant quote the contents but it did mention that memory could be a problem. anway I rebooted an as usual everything was fine,

any ideas ?

Jim A
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  1. I would recommend a couple of things to check.

    First, make sure your anti-virus program is updated and run a full scan of your system.

    Second, I would install Malwarebytes (get it from, update it, and run a full scan as well. Delete everything it finds.

    After doing these things, if you still have issues, come back for more help.
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