Celeron for mpeg2/DivX

I'm planning on building a barebone for my livingroom.
Will a Celeron-D be sufficient for playing divx/xvid/mpeg2 files?

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  1. Yes it will be very sufficient.

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  2. A cheaper amd would be too....

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  3. Sure it will, get nothing less then 2ghz whatever celeron is. Im cathing that you wish to get you procured movies in your livingroom set. If thats so, then a DVD player that plays DVD, mpeg 4, mpeg2 files would be MUCH cheaper. RJtech makes good ones.

    Now if you plannin to you encode divx, xvid, or mpeg2 files then stay away from the celerons.

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  4. If you will be encoding, but want a quiet, cool setup, at a reasonable (cheap) price, an xp-m chip on an Abit NF7-S board is your best bet. An xp-m2500+ would be my choice.
  5. OH! XP-M's are cool and can make for quiet systems! But they also require you to actually set things in BIOS! That usually INCLUDES dropping the vCore if you want it to run at factory specs for ultimate coolness, since the VID pin assignments are a bit different.

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  6. It would be sufficient, but mobile Athlon XP-M 2500+ is a better choice

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  7. Go for an AMD XP-M...once you've started watching divX you will want to start encoding (Dr DivX is only USD 49) - and it would be nice if you could do more than one...
    A Week
    My AXP 2800+ generally chews through a 2 hour movie in about 2:10 (thats using a 2 pass encoding profile - hence the long time)
    Its well worth doing
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