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Hi All,

I recently purchased a new Panasonic smart TV, and unfortunately, have found that when using the Apps on the TV the sound does not pass through to my Pioneer VSX-31 audio receiver. Looking into it further, I found that my receiver is 1 model short of having ARC which I believe is that is intended to remedy this situation. Because I do not want to buy a new receiver, am I able to receive the audio from my TV apps like netflix by simply connecting a digital audio cable from my TV to the receiver? I also assume I would have to change some setting/source on the receiver then as well? Any advice you guys can provide would be great! Thanks in advance.
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  1. How do you have it connected to the audio receiver? Is it just regular HDMI?

    If so, I think an optical cable could help in this situation if your TV has an optical out and your receiver has an optical in. I'm by no means an expert, but the cables are relatively inexpensive and it would be worth a try
  2. Yes, the receiver's output is connected to the TV with HDMI, I did order an optical cable because it was only like 7 bucks and I am gonna give it a shot. I think this should work, my parents just bought a smart TV and have the receiver a model lower than mine (VSX-30) which also does not have ARC, and they are able to hear sound from the receiver using TV apps, netflix, etc... I figured this may be the solution but was hoping to confirm a little more, thanks for your answer!.
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