Running 3 A4Tech PK-760E in the same time

I am currently working on a motion capture project and I need 3 webcams to work with in the same time. I have 3 identical A4Tech PK-760E webcams. All the webcams work perfectly. Any combinations of two in the same time work, but when i'm trying to start a third one I'm encountering problems.

I have tried a great range of software besides my application based on C# and AForge.Net and the result is the same: one of the 3 wecams fails to start(it's not necessarily the same one every time)
Each webcam is connected in a separate usb port.

I reckon it's a driver problem. Guys, please help me out. Thank you.:geek:
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  1. This model uses 48% of the usb controller bandwidth. Also 10-20% are system reserved. I solved this issue by inserting each camera into usb ports from separate controllers. Worked like a charm. If the motherboard has too few or low-speed usb controllers one should install an expansion (pci /pciExpress) controller.

    To see each controller's bandwidth go to Computer Management -> Universal Serial Bus controllers and right click on one (or more) of the displayed controllers, click on the Advanced tab and one can see bandwidth-consuming devices.
  2. [SOLVED] :bounce:
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