Epson R200 compatible ink cartridges - will they work with Windows 7?

Ive run my fantabulous Epson R200 on compatible inks (Jet) for years on a desktop PC (Windows XP) with no problems at all.

I once tried connecting my Vista laptop to the printer and all was well until I had to replace one of the ink cartridges. Everything went pearshaped as the laptop flagged up the inks were not genuine Epsons. Even when I connected the printer back up to the desktop PC, I couldnt get it to work. I ended up formatting the tower in order to get it to accept the printer again.

However, my desktop PC might be in need of replacing soon. We all know that Windows 7 is the only operating system availabe in the shops now. Does anyone know if I might get the same problem with Windows 7 as I did Vista? And if so, does anyone know of a way to over-ride the problem? Would 32-bit or 64-bit operating system make any difference?

I really dont want to get a new printer. I love my R200 - not only does it print discs, but also prints to the edge of the page (borderless) on paper.

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  1. Try updating the R200 drivers on the Epson website first and see if that works.

    Happy Printing, the Prisoner.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply Prisoner :sol:

    I will try that out if I have problems.

    All suggestions welcome..... anyone?
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