Which CPU best for emulators :)


i'm new in tom's hardware and i must say it's the best page for everything about hardware :) great work :)

my question, as you can read, kinda unusual for this page (better asked in the emulator's forum i know), is about i5 430M vs i7 720QM, very good laptop CPU's, which is better for running emulators (dolphin and pcsx2), the emulators uses only 2 cores i know, but who has used them i hope would tell me

sorry if someone has asked a similar question like this before :ange:

thnx again :D
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  1. *Post edited by moderator* Start a new thread if you have an unrelated question.
  2. get the core i7 720QM

    with both turbo boost maxed

    Core i5 430 from 2.26 GHz to 2.53 GHz

    Core i7 720QM from 1.6 GHz to 2.8 GHz

    Core i5 430M has 3MB cache

    Core i7 720QM has 6MB cache

    both got hyper threading

    so i would say core i7 720QM wins
  3. Welcome to the forums!

    If you strictly run emulators, the i5 will do the job easily. The i5 you are looking at has 2 physical cores and it has 2 logical cores, i.e. it can handle 4 total threads. If you play other games that are graphics intensive and/or do a lot of video work, I'd go with the 720 (8 total threads). It will cost a bit more, but the added cores would help you out in those areas and in general day to day tasks in regard to speed.

    All in all, if you have a fair amount to spend, shoot for the 720. But if you are on a budget, the i5 will do just fine in regard to emulators.
  4. thnx 4 the info :)

    a stupid question i'll say, but can you "manually" turn on turbo boost for 2 core work or the apps do it automaticly when using the 2 cores only...

    i'm asking this because emulators use only 2 cores, so, i need most of it :P i think 720QM is a hell of a good CPU :P
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