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CPU advice

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September 2, 2004 11:49:47 PM

I am not a PC whizz and was hoping someone on these forums could help me. I want to upgrade my CPU to improve games performance. I currently have a AMD AthlonXP 1900+. I want to upgrade to near enough the best possible (or best value for money) that my motherboard can take. The motherboard I have is an Asus A7V266-E Socket A VIA KT266A chipset. What do you guys recommend and how hard is it to install a new CPU?

Cheers for any help

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September 3, 2004 1:27:45 AM

The cpu is ZIF, or zero insertion force. Put it in the right way, and it will fall into place.
The heat sink can be tricky, so a couple of tricks.
1 Use a small sloted screwdriver, with a long shaft, to set the clip.
2 Put a piece of sturdy plastic on the mobo, in case the screwdriver slips. I believe your mobo already has some, but a liitle extra is safer.
Your mobo may also support the xp-m chips. If it does, you may be able to set the multiplier up to 16.5, and run at 2.2 gigs, maybe even faster.
September 3, 2004 5:16:05 PM

Yes that will work in your motherboard. The 1900+ runs a 1.6 ghz, while the 2400+ runs at 1.93 ghz. Some say that this is not the best of upgrades, but it will help. Not everyone needs a high end gaming machine.

Obvisuly a motherboard, CPU, and RAM upgrade would be far superior, but I still think the 2400+ will help. I recently did about the same thing, I went froma 2500+ to a 2800+ (yes a little different, and I did it becuase I was able to sell the 2500+), I saw a difference.

$50 really isn't that much for an upgrade. I've spent that much on a heatsink, just to drop my temps a couple of degrees. If you don't do much serious gaming, and an upgrade is a little ways off, I think the 2400+ (especially since it relatively cheap), would be a good investment.

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