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I wanna Buy a Descent headphone within the price range of Rs. 5200.. It should be of 3.5mm jack.. cause I'll be using it on both my Mobile and PC (For Games,Music,Movies) I've shortlisted these.... Sennheiser HD 215-II, Razer Carcharias , Sennheiser HD 449,HD 439....Which will be the best??? Please Suggest...
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    ANY headphone that presses pads against the ear is REJECT.
    Headphones should cover the entire ear, like a cup.
    Pressing the pads, against the ear, results in PAIN! I warned you.
    Sennheiser is the only brand you mentioned, that's worthy.
    Sony headphones sound awful, I would NEVER buy anything from panasonic, ever.
    CLUE: spend at least $100. Cheap headphones = cheap sound.
  2. All the Headphones I mentioned are Around The Ear
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