Gaming headset massive leaking problems. help!

Hello friends,

So I've had this Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset (which includes headphone + microphone) for about a year and during the past month I've been having massive sound issues over skype when in call.
This usually happens when gaming (Dota2): when the game launches or when I tab back in and out.
I haven't found a reliable way to recreate this issue but it happens quite frequently.

Anyway, the person/people i'd be talking on skype would suddenly complain that they hear a 'loud and sharp burst of whatever I'm listening to'. Whether it's audio from my browser or from in-game they will hear it.
Also accompanied by these audio leaks there are short episodes of static noise described by my friends as 'alien sounds' or 'white noise'.
They say it's really surprising and even somewhat scary due to the abrupt nature of the issue.

There are no problems for me personally, it only affects others. There are some scratches on the cord, could that possibly cause the sound issue?
I have searched the internet for similar issues but I can't find anything like my scenario especially with the static noise 'alien sounds'.

If I can't fix it I'll probably look to buy a new microphone for the meantime while I save up for a headset.

If anyone has any advice or anything to say, any input is appreciated! Thanks : )
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  1. it sounds more like a software glitch than anything.

    have you contacted skype?
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