Ie9 cant open links in new tab

Please I've been having trouble opening links from one webpage to another. If while browsing I come across a link and click it, it just opens a blank page.

At times I have to refresh the adress bar of the newly opened tab to get what I want and at other times it doesn't wrk at all.

This has affected my browsing much that I dont feel like using IE anymore but I do like IE.
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  1. Get Chrome or Firefox
  2. Tools/Internet options....check and amend - if needed - the Home Page default and Tabs settings
  3. ie9 can't open links in new tab because ie9 can't do anything. Get Chrome or Firefox. Solution to any problem you could encounter in ie.
  4. wow..thanks guys for all your support.

    I have been able to find a solution to that problem. I just downloaded a file '' from here and followed the instructions. Worked on my Win7 64bit like a charm. Now i'm up like before.

    Thanks again.
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