TECH: FUNHOUSE: Rudy never ejects a ball

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I tried googling around the NG for an answer to this but I guess it
hasn't cropped up here before.

I grounded Q44 (Tip102) to try and fire Rudy's ball eject coil>>>didn't
Replaced Q44 just in case and tried again>>> still didn't fire.
Power at the coil gives a pulsing "0" on my DVM while other coils have
the propper voltage going to them.

Any ideas?

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Sounds like you don't have coil voltage. That pulsing 0 is just noise
    from the power/driver board. Run a temporary jumper (alligator clip
    leads are good here) to a pop bumper power feed, then run your tests
    again. You should see proper voltage at the coil, and it should now
    work with the grounding trick and the test menus. If that is the case,
    then inspect the power lead until you find the break.

    If the grounding trick does not work, there's no need to replace the
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