Can my GFX card output audio ONLY through its hdmi?

I Have geforce 680gtx hooked up with via dvi to this pc monitor, and hdmi to my reciever because its only way i managed to get straight surround through my yamaha receiver so far, my issue is I have it set to use the reciever as a clone device along with this monitor, but I dont want it to display any vid through the hdmi because I worry that its wasting performance outputing video that wont even be used, I am still kind of an audio noob and ordered dolby digital live last night and found out it doesnt just work with my realtek 898 apparently, not sure if I was just trying it right

but even if I got dolby digital live to encode all my gaming audio and output it through my onboard optical, wouldnt the hdmi be higher quality since it has never been compressed?
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  1. i mean i cant find any sound cards with hdmi why do they wanna compress it lol damnit im such a noob
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