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Driver install bluescreen, Audio drivers/DX9 problem?

December 7, 2012 9:13:39 PM

Hi guys, back when Assassins creed 3 came out upon playing the game I realized the sound was all off sync, I tried various settings in my sound properties but it wouldn't fix it. So I decided to download the latest drivers. When I tried to install them, the installer came up and my computer immediately bluescreened. I restarted and tried again, same result.

So I uninstalled the drivers and the device itself and just let Win 7 install it automatically and it did, but it didn't install VIA HD audio deck which is what I was using before, I assume it just used generic whatever audio drivers. Well shortly after this happened I used voice chat with a friend and we noticed that there's this weird static in the background of my mic, another friend confirmed the same sound coming from my mic. This had never happened prior to my blue screens.

Now I'm trying to install my sound drivers from my original motherboard install disc and when the installer comes up it gets to "preparing to install" and then an error comes up "Error Number: 0x80040707" thankfully the pc doesn't blue screen this time, but it still refuses to install.

Then other things started happening. Now when I boot up my PC I get a message saying DX 9 has failed to startup, please make sure your drivers are up to date etc. I can still run games fine and all that, so no idea what this is about.

A second problem, I installed the Starcraft 2 HOTS beta client, after patching I clicked play and my PC blue screened again. I restarted my computer, opened it again and clicked play and this time it hard locked and I had to reset.

I cannot figure out what's going on, I've looked for posts on google and can't find anything that works or pertains to my specific situation.

I've run a virus scan with both malware bytes and AVG and they found nothing.

I'm using Windows 7 and my motherboard is the Asus P7P55D-E LX, the sound driver I was using prior to this was VIA HD audio.