Multiple Windows 7 startup problems. Need help ASAP please.

Last night my computer failed to load and I kept getting mulitple errors, I left it alone for the night but I still had issues today. And if your wonder I have NEVER edited or entered the BIOS menu. And I have done nothing out of the ordinary to make these issues pop up, I didnt download anything, and I was on the websites that I have been going to for years, nor have I changed any settings. I have tried to repair the computer by restoring startup and using system recovery with my Windows 7 OS DVD, however that fails to fix the probelm. SPECS at bottom.
This is what happens:

1. When it loads the information / data in the BIOS it stops at Memory Testing. However it only displays Memory T then after several minutes it says Memory Testing, and contiunes with the BIOS setup. (I was able to fix this error by moving both RAM sticks over 1 slot)

2. It says SLI Ready Memory Detected - Disabled. I have no idea if it was even enabled, I have never noticed until now. And only because Im having this issue. But I thought I might post this if it would help somebody figure out what is going on.

3. Floppy Disk(s) fail (40) : I have no idea why this error is popping up. I don't / never had a floppy disk in my computer. It just started notifiying me of this last night when all of these problems started.

At this point it tells me I can press F1 to continue, or DEL to enter the BIOS setup. So I press F1 and get:

4. BOOTMGR is missing : I heard that if this error pops up, then you just repair your computer startup using the OS installer disc. I did that, and it didnt work.

I really need to access the files on my computer, I have a report thats due and this is my only computer. (using friends atm) I really need some help if anybody can give me some advice I really need it. Thanks for your time.

Nvidia 780i mobo
Intel Q9450 CPU at 2.67 ghz
4GB DDR2 OCZ RAM (I have a feeling this is the issue. The link leads to the exact model of sticks):
WD 500gb HDD
WD 750gb HDD

and if it matters:
650watt PSU
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