Can't charge my Acer Aspire 5534

ok i'm a really newbie when it comes to laptops. i have an acer aspire 5534. it has been 4 months on me and i have it's battery replaced due to its defect - i can't charge my laptop. whenever i plug it, the orange light just blinks and it doesn't charge.

now, i got the same problem again. but there, i was able to charge it successfully and i was surprised.

i was just confused because maybe once i will charge it again, the orange light will come blinking and i don't want that of course.

we even brought this on the repair center twice. 1st was the battery was replaced, and now the second one, they want it's mainboard to be replaced. that's why we chose to just let it be that way. the laptop never got repaired but now, i was able to charge it. lol.

is it the wiring? oh btw, the service center guy said that they also replaced the hole where i should plug in the charger for my laptop (sorry i don't know how the call that one).

i am really confused and of course, if there's a way to repair it on my own, i want know.

thank you so much!:)
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  1. I have the same Laptop and the same problem, from what I can gather it is a common defect with this particular acer laptop, One of the pins in the charge port inevitably bends at a very strange angle it requires some fanagaling to get it charging, I no longer use this as a laptop seeing as I cant charge it while its on my lap. Your best bet is to either open it up and replace the faulty port or plug it in and leave it plugged in.
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