Blank screen with blinking cursor windows 7

Hi guys , two day ago i turned on my pc as usual. But it did not boot, instead i got a black screen with blinking cursor.

, so is there any way to make my pc recover from this issue.

I've tried the f8 , it has No effect
I even re installed the os but it does not work.. It does all installation work asks for my name and pc name . Then it does the video and perfomance testing . Then it restarts and i again get the blank screen with blinking cursor....

Plz help me over come this issue...

Thanks in advance
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  1. It sounds like your computer cannot find the boot drive. Does the motherboard go through the usual post screen, if so go into the bios and check the boot drive setting to see if it is correct.

    Next, I would put a system repair disk, or if you didn't make one, the Windows install disk in and boot from it to check the system integrity.

    While it could be a hardware (like HDD) failure, it could also be a virus or trojan so check that by trying to boot from Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 -- a freeware download:

    Also check your system memory with memtest:
  2. I kept my boot setingt to hdd but still the problem occurs and i dont think its a mother board failure coz i coul see the motherboard logo and the bios settings.... And may be it could be a hdd failure or some sort of virus attack...

    Anyway thank you for giving me a tip ... Ill check,it out and reply
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