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i am using windows 7 home priemium 64 bit .so iwant to change to 64bit to 32bit windows 7 home premium. is there any software that can change the 64bit to 32 bit.or else is there any other solution.can you please tell me the process if any...!
thank you
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    A fresh format and installation is the is the only downgrade path, 64 to 32bit.
  2. as stated you must do a fresh install form 64 to 32 or 32 to 64. I do believe there is an option to save your data (and only the data files) files during the install process though.
  3. Better question is why? I bet you can do what you want to do, even in 64bit mode.
  4. like badge said,fresh install!
  5. thank you for your response. And there is no other option as i reinstalled my Operating system which is 64 bit to 32 bit...!
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  7. Seeing as you didn't answer the question, what are/were you trying to do that didn't work in 64bit mode?
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