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Upgrade to oem Windows 8 from a non-genuine 7, question.

I have a laptop running a non-genuine version of windows 7 that I would like to upgrade so as to enjoy the benefits of a solid OS. I purchased Win 8 and would like to install it, but I have an issue. I have on my laptop 500GB+ of movies and music. I am a DJ so I am worried about my music collection being threatened. I've read that a Gen 7 to a Gen 8 upgrade is very simple and requires no need for backing up your files, as would an xp-vista to win 8. I know it would be in my best interest to get an external hdd and back them up anyway just to be safe, but if it will still upgrade and keep my files even though its not a gen 7, I'd rather do that. Let me know! thanks.
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    Buy Windows 7 -- forget 8 and quit pirating Windows.
  2. its ILLEGAL.... BUY IT
  3. Brett928S2 said:
    its ILLEGAL.... BUY IT

    I already bought windows 8, I'm waiting on the install to see what I can find out about the security of my files during the uprade.
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