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In Win7, I have 2 internal hard drives. C:\ and M:\
After a re-install of 7, the system would not recognize M:.
Only C:\ and D:\(system reserve) were showing in Disk Management. Somehow, I wound up making M: the 'system" drive and the PC now boots from M:
How can I change the system to boot from D:\ partition on the C: drive
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  1. Switch back to the way it was, all you were missing is the assignment of M: to that particular drive. Now that you have it set on M:, make C: your default system drive or D: if that is where your system is (backup files are not boot files).
  2. That's my question: How do I do it? when I click on C: in Disk Management it shows
    C: healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump. Primary Partition)

    When I right click on C: in Disk management, the only option I see that I could use is Mark Partition as Active.

    M: shows: Healthy (Healthy,System, Active, Primary Partition )

    If I mark C: as "Active" what happens to M properties?

    Both D: and M: have a Boot folder and a Bootmgr file on them
  3. M: will become non-system, not primary but still active.
    Make C: the system drive.
  4. I apologize for being so ignorant on this

    So, the option for c:"Mark partition as Active" will then make C the system drive?

    And the PC will boot from C:?

    What about the boot files on I just leave then there?
  5. Did you copy boot files from C:, move them to M: or re-installed windows ?
  6. neither. I did not move them or re-install Win7.
  7. Then make C: active only.
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