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hey guys, a friend of mine was givin a 1600+ cpu from someone at work, i guess he tried to swap it with his duron 1200, and now the pc wont boot, i know he fried something we tried clearing cmos, im just wondering what hes gonna have to replace ? motherboard gets power to the fans but wont go to post any ideas ?

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  1. @ trubtc :

    IMHO it is highly unprobable that a component in your friend's system gave up the ghost, a CPU compatibility issue is much more likely, some obsolescent motherboards won't recognise Athlon XP processors and will refuse to POST.

    You should start by giving us some basic information about the motherboard brand, model and revision, the BIOS version would also be helpfull since some manufacturers have more up to date BIOS builts that are meant to fix those kind of problems.

    Be advised that there are two very similar yet different versions of the Athlon XP 1600+, both are clocked at 1400MHz (10.5 x 133MHz) but are based on two different cores, the older Palomino, meant to run on 1.75V and the more recent yet no longer bleeding edge Thoroughbred (A or B, the later is much better) that use only 1.6V. Be advised that Duron processors like your friend's 1200 use a 100MHz Front Side Bus that only require PC100 SDRAM or PC1600 DDR-SDRAM memory and may not be up to the task of feeding the 133MHz FSB that the Athlon XP 1600+ is meant to run at.

    Please feed us with more info and we will be able to help you figure out what went wrong.

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  2. this guy is good...real good

  3. @ Ned_Flanders :

    Although I would like to say yes, I'm not that good, I just have a couple of really handy bookmarks at hand =)

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  4. its a emachines w1640 i know nothing else because i dont have the pc around
  5. ok i have the machine here, and i put the original cpu back in, and nothing, black screen with slow constant beeps no post, any ideas ?
  6. @ trubtc :

    You will need to be much more clear if you want us to help you, I went looking for the <A HREF="" target="_new">eMachines W1640 specs</A> and came back even more confused about the chain of events that caused the problem you first described.

    I first assumed that the Athlon XP 1600+ (which obviously is from the eMachine W1640 and therefore is an irrelevant factor to solve the current problem) was given to someone that decided to swap his Duron 1200MHz with the 1600+ he just got. After installing the 1600+ into the unknown motherboard that used to host the Duron 1200, the computer refused to POST.

    Have I understood the situation correctly or is it the other way around ?

    Knowing what the "Unknown Motherboard" Brand, Model and Revision is would be extremely helpull, look for something like a sticker, some etched/painted markings or any short string of letters/digits next to the manufacturer's name on top of the motherboard that won't post when the 1600+ is installed.

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  7. Please try this. Put the old duron back in, and bring the system to post. At post, push the pause key. At the bottom of the screen there should be an alpha-numeric sequence. Copy this down, and post it here, or google it, to see if there is a mobo recognized.
    Before you do that though, see it thier is a bios jumper next to the battery. It might be marked bios or RTC, and will have three pins, with a jumper accross two of them. Move the jumper to the other position, and count to ten slowly. Then put the jumper back, and try to boot again.
  8. @ trubtc :

    Okay, if you are talking about the <A HREF="" target="_new">AM37 motherboard</A> inside the eMachine 1640, set the FSB Frequency Select jumper to the default (away from the CPU) position and try booting.

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  9. finally, it makes some sense to me, he was not telling the whole story, the w1640 is his dads computer, and he thought he would be smart and swap the cpu's now neither computer will even post, i had him get the model of his mobo also, its a msi ms-6378 and its supposed to support athlon cpus, anyways the original cpus are back in each computer, neither will post
  10. If that's the right board #, it's an old kle chipset board. One of the first athlon boards made. It only supports 100mhz fsb.
    Put the chips back where they belong, and reset bothe bios.
  11. reset bios? i placed the chips where they came from and cleared cmos, still nothing, im lost
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