Restoreing pictures from old laptop hard drive

MY old Harddrive for my laptop had an error so since my laptop was still under warranty they sent me a new hard drive, but is there any way i can get my pictures from the old hard drive, any way at all???
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  1. not unless they sent back the hard drive you had in the computer.
  2. If you have the drive, you can try to get the data using an external case, about $20 online.

    However, you a have a good chance that whatever issue you had with the drive would make it unreadable.

    Look for a local PC repair shop (I would not recommend your friend's teenage son or any of the large stores (BestBuy for example), and see if they can do something with it. Sometimes there are utilities they have that can get data off a drive for not too much money. A full data restore from a failed drive can run over $1,000 for serious issues, but if the drive is readable with a bit of simple work, should not be much more over a $100 or 2.
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