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Hello all,

I'm undergoing a painful problem with my computer. Every time i boot it sends me to Windows Error Recovery screen, if i select Start windows normally it gives me a blue screen and sends me back to Windows Error recovery. If i select Startup repair it pretty much is useless. I have stripped my computer down to bare bones (1 stick ram, cpu. hsf, mb, hdd) and problems still occur.




CPU- intel i7 2600k

GPU- gtx 680 ( unused atm)

HDD- 1 500 gb seagate, 1tb seagate

PSU- Seasonic 1050w
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  1. have you tried starting you're computer in safe mode
    if yes then :)
    remove you're hdd and turn on you're computer
    are you getting message "insert proper boot media "
    still not sloved check you're bios setting load it to default
    still not sloved then boot you're computer with
    heeren boot cd
    and check is it getting sloved
    i hope any one method will slove you're problem
  2. try booting from a hirem boot cs it has a min xp os on the cd. it show if you have a dmaged program on the hard drive or it a hardware issue.
  3. Removed HDD and it sends me to the ASROCK UEFI SETUP UTILITY or the BIOS

    Reset BIOS to default, start computer blank screen. Then i have to spam delete key to get in bios and change SATA mode selection from IDE to AHCI, restart computer same issue

    I am unable to boot into safemode, if i was able to i would not of posted this lol

    Will try the Hireen boot cd now


  4. Whenever i try launching safemode or start windows normally it allways displays the Bluescreen of death error - STOP: 0x0000007B
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