Local C and "system Reserved E"?????

Hi guys, I have a Western Digital 500gb harddrive that came with a "Cyberpower" gaming computer. Now , cyberpower provided a Windows 7 "repair" CD, not the ACTUAL retail CD. They did provide a CD KEY on the side of the computer case for windows 7 though.

WELL, I used to the CD because my Win. 7 was runing buggy, and installed Win. 7 fresh install (or so I thought)

Now, when I boot up, in my "Computer" folder, I see Local C: drive, and a "SYSTEM RESERVED E:" DRIVE with 61.8MB in use out of 99.9MB

Can someone please, explain to me what the heck this is? Did I install a second operating system? How can Ifix this??

Thank you for any help and advice,
-Alberto Pizano
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    Windows 7 creates a 100MB recovery partition and makes it the boot partition. When you boot, it loads the boot loader from the recovery partition and then loads the OS from the main C: drive.

    The point of doing this is that if the C: drive becomes corrupt or inaccessible, there are tools in the recovery partition that will start in it's place and which can help to repair or recover the OS.
  2. I see thank you.

    If I have install windows 7 again on my local C, (if it seems to be loading slow or whatever),

    Will it create ANOTHER system E recovery partition? I don't want three of them in there lol
  3. I'm not sure how smart it is about detecting and reusing the recovery partition.

    What I do is remove all other drives except the OS drive and then delete all partitions during the install process. That gets me a nice, virgin install with the recovery partition on the same drive as the OS (Windows will put it on another drive if it can).
  4. When I do a clean reinstall, I just normally delete all the partitions and Win7 recreates its recovery partition by itself. Safe than sorry.
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