Mobility hd 5870 or gtx 280m sli

hi guys,i'm buying a laptop for gaming and in my price range there are 2 gpus that the laptops i'm considering have. so which one should i choose? is directx11 so important? and can i play dx11 titles on high-very high settings with hd5870?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    1 HD 5870M is about 10-20% faster than a GTX 285M,but 2 GTX 285Ms beat 1 HD 5870M.So go for 2 GTX 285Ms, but i am curios which laptop you are considering ? because i have found 2 5870Ms being cheaper than 2 GTX 285Ms in most notebooks.
  2. thanks...unfortunately there are no 5870m cf laptops in my country...there are alienware m17x(with one 5870) and clevo m980nu-clevo x1800(both with gtx 280m sli or gtx 285m sli) as the top line of gaming laptops.and i have no chance of ordering from abroad or asking a relative to send me... so i'm stuck with these three laptops...

    m17x specs:
    i7 720qm
    windows 7 home premium(64 bit)
    hd 5870 1gb
    6gb ram(2+4)
    2*500gb raid0 hd
    dvd rw 8x optic drive

    clevo m980nu specs:
    core 2 quad q9000 2.00 ghz
    windows 7 home premium(64 bit)
    gtx 280m sli
    4gb ram
    500 gb hd
    dvd rw optic drive

    clevo x1800 specs:
    i7 720 qm
    windows 7 home premium(64 bit)
    gtx 285m sli
    4gb ram
    500 gb hd
    dvd rw optic drive

    last 2 are customizable(i can change ram,harddisc and optic drive-not proccessor or gpu)alienware is not customizable in my country...clevo's have 18.4" screen.m17x is the cheapest,m980nu is 250 $, x1800 is 750$ more expensive than's pretty hard converting to dolar:)so,things are complicated here. i'm planning on using the laptop i buy for like 4 years min.. well,which one should i buy? suggestions please...:D
    edit:if i put ssd or blu-ray combo drive,it'll be out of my price range so that's out of question:'( and the cause of the high price gaps between the laptops are the government taxes:@
  3. AW has put 2 HD 5870M option in UK and US so it should be world wide soon, but if you can't wait then go for 2 GTX 285Ms
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