8 ohms amp with 4 ohm ative monitor speakers

hi there,
just getting a band together and have bought a 1600 prosound amp and 2 x 500w 8 ohm speakers also a Yamaha mg166cx mixing desk
a friend of mine has 2 x 4 ohm active speakers which i would like to use as monitors off the mixing desk to the sax player and drummer
but don't want to do any damage so asking first if it makes a difference if the Amp is 8 ohm and the active speakers are 4 ohm

thanks in anticipation

regards john
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  1. Active speakers do not run off the power amp.
    Active speakers have their own amplifier, built in.

    The MONITOR OUT of the mixing desk will connect to the INPUT of the active speaker.
    There is no speaker impedance involved.
    This is a LINE level connection, NOT a speaker connection.
  2. thats what i thought but didnt want it to go bang,

    thanks for your reply

    regards john
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