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Need cpu advice

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September 9, 2004 1:12:45 AM

Hi, im new to THG Community, althought i am a fan of THG for a few years now,,

i am building my next computer,, now purpose of use is for music, video editing, photoshop work, and high end gaming, i.e. Half life 2, Doom 3.

I have decided that i am going to go for a scoket 939 Amd processor, and i was wondering if the Amd 3800+ is overkill. I will be doing alot of gaming, and i am spending a fair amount on a new system ($3K USD). I live in canada and i can get this processor for ($875 CND). Althought the price may drop by $50-$75. I would like your advice on weither i should buy this.

**Note that i will not be building this system until sometime during late December, and by the the AMD 4000+ should be out. I want an extreamly fast processor and something which is the 2nd or 3rd fastest processor.

Thank You street.....

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September 9, 2004 1:23:19 AM

Right now I'd get the 3500+ but since your not building until december the 3800+ would be good. Once the new 4000+ is out the price of the 3800+ should drop dramatically. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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September 9, 2004 1:38:55 AM

Now if some of you are wondering why i want such a high end cpu, it is because i have not upgraded my computer since 1999. It is a pentium III @ 533mhz, 128 mb of pc133ram, asus 40bx p3b0f mobo. I HAVE A 19 gig harddrive which i full, and my video card is a Nvidia geforce 256. Also my system is bogged down running 2000pro and xp pro on duel boot. I can barley have winamp,msn messenger and firefox open without freezing or having a system crash....
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September 9, 2004 4:39:01 AM

LMAO! D00D, XP won't even RUN on 128MB. It will run WITH only 128MB installed, but by making extensive use of virtual memory. Your system would be nearly 2x as fast simply by increasing the RAM to 256MB. It would be another 10% faster (roughly) if you went to 512MB. And a PIII 533 supporting board can also support the PIII 1.4GHz simply by adding an adapter.

So I'm not going to talk bad about you replacing the entire system, but I am going to question your computer knowledge. After all, you should have known better than to try even 2k with only 128MB, let alone XP.

BTW, I just noticed specifically you have a P3B-F. That's a Slot-1 board. I ran mine with a Tualatin Celeron 1100 overclocked to 1466MHz on an Upgradeware Slot-T adapter. And it NEVER crashed unless I did something stupid (extract the CD while it's being accessed, BSOD tells me to put it back). The biggest difference was that I had a more RAM, specifically 2 256MB PC133 modules from Crucial for a total of 512MB. My video card might have been better for bus speed overclocking as well, it was a Radeon DDR, and tolerated 50% bus overclocks.

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