Installing Win 7 on a New Drive

(I also posted this in the New Build section, not knowing exactly where I should do it)

Finished a new build about a week ago and all was well.

ASRock z77 Extreme4
Chronos SSD

Today when I power up I get a message something like No Boot Drive.

After several tries and getting the same message I reseat the connectors to the drive. Same error.

I remove the HD from the old system and connect it to the same cables as the SSD was connected to.

System boots ok.

I remove the old HD.

Install a new HD, same cables thinking I'm going to install Win 7.

Boot with the Win 7 CD. Can not find the new HD just two others that are attached for data and backup.

Now put both the old and new HD on the new system and boot with the old HD.

Fiddle with Disk Management, it recognizes the New HD. Set up a partition on it, showing as Primary.

Back to the Win 7 CD, select the New HD partition but get the following error message

Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing syetem partition. See the Setup log files for more information.

Have no clue about how to see the log info since I'm running Win install.

I've been back and forth between the Old HD fiddling with Disk Management on the New HD then back to the Win install. I wouldn't even want to guess how many times I've been through this, also reading MS notes on installing new HDs on Windows.

The only thing that has happened is that I have even less hair now than before if that's possible.

If anyone can give me a pointer as to what to do next it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Edited to add: I'm using a Win 7 Upgrade CD
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  1. first you have to remove all other drive that have a os on them also since you do with a win 7 upgrade you will have to reinstall the previous os on the ssd before getting the upgrade on .
  2. I have two other HDs on the system but neither have an OS, one is data and the other is backup.

    Months ago on the old system I had a HD with XP and 7 dual booting. I upgraded from a HD to the SSD. I installed Win 7 on a clean SSD, think I had to do it twice but it worked fine.

    Seems like a weird message to tell me I need to have a windows version in order to use the upgrade cd.

    Tomorrow I'll give it a shot but not optimistic.
  3. Try get hold of a proper win7 disk, incase you dont have one there are tons of them available on the internet. Just use your serial when installed.

    and like scout_03 mentioned, disconnect all other harddrives. When you plug the other harddrives back in, just check the bios, that the harddrive boot priority is set to have your system drive as number1.
  4. does any of those where serving for the dula os system before and did you format them also if the backup drive was use for the os that could be a issue,but if you prefer not having any more help from me just post it
  5. After trying to install literally dozens of times I tired once more and for some reason it did install.

    I installed with the upgrade disk and then as soon as that completed installed again. Still had the external sata drive attached. Have no idea what made it work but it was a relief.

    Now my SSD replacement arrives Thursday so I will try to clone the current HD over to the SSD.
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