should i wait longer??

Hey all,
I am about to build a new pc in the near future, was planning on using one of those amd 64 winchesters that will be coming out soon. My question is, should I go with the winchester, or wait until at least mid 2005 for the dual core amd cpus?? I know they will be better , but will they be like crazily better??

Thanks, Jeff
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  1. I think get the winchester because in early 2005 they will probably announce quadro core or something like that and you'll start waiting again
    Thats what happened to me It took me a year and a half to buy the parts. First i wanted 800 Bus then I wanted 3.2 then the prescott. Then when it came out the price was too high and i had to wait for the price to fall
    I think you should get the winchester

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  2. If you wait, what you have your eye on will be very expensive. Like the previous poster says, you'll then have to wait months for the price to drop. Are there things you want to do with the computer now? In the next few weeks or months? Or are you content to wait until Christmas 2005 to play the games you want to play on maxed settings?

    I know there's lots of technological advances coming but I don't care. I'm buying a system now and I'm going to enjoy it now, and if later on I want to drop a few hundred bucks on the new technology then that's what I'll do. In the meantime I'll use and enjoy what's afforable and available and proven to work well.

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  3. I also say go with the winchester and then hold on to what ya got until the dust settles. I just did a recent upgrade and couldnt decide if I wanted to wait until there were some AMD mobo's with PCIe, but I said nutz to it and went ahead anyway. When the new stuff starts to make an appearance it's possible you might not be able to pay the premium for the new stuff so go with what you can afford now.

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  4. There's <i>always</i> something new and shiny just around the corner, and you can end up waiting forever.

    Just set a budget, and when you have the cash buy whatever's best at the time for your needs.. that's how I do it anyways.

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  5. Listen to the last previous reply.

    I also wanted all sorts of stuff, but eventually it costs more $$$$$$$ than you thought, because of all the latest technologies.

    I recently put everything, but i decided to get the part now otherwise i would wait forever to put my pc together.

    I haven't got exactly what i wanted, but at least i can upgrade in the future.

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  6. If you wait 3 months, then at that time something else new and faster will be a few months away, and something newer and faster a few months away, and so on and so on....

    Buy when you can afford to. Never wait. There is always something newer and better around the corner. If you wait, you will end up waiting forever.

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  7. Exactly. Buy what you need, when you need it, and can afford it. If you are already running an A64 3000+ with an X800, upgrading to an A64 4000+ and a 6800 graphics card, makes no sense. If your old rig is slower than an xp1700+, and you have the money, upgrade today.
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