Should I return my VAIO for the G73


Today I went to bestbuy to buy an ASUS G73 but they were out of stock. After some deliberation I decided to buy the Sony VAIO VPCF126FM without knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. After a little bit of research it looks like the G73's HD 5870 video card is significantly better than the GT 330m in the VAIO.

So my question is, is it worth it to return it, pay the restock fee and wait for them to get another G73? I'll be out another $100 but it's not that big of deal. I just want to know if it's worth it.

I intend to use the laptop for gaming on high end settings.
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  1. I am also stuck between the Asus G73 and VAIOF. Unfortunately a few weeks ago I read that almost half the stock of VAIO F series notebooks had a major flaw with the cooling fan and SONY is recalling 400,000 of them. I would like to know if your system is affected. From what I read, the Gforce graphics is better for HD editing with Adobe Premiere and the technology takes advantage of new rendering features in CS5.

    The Asug G73 is a great notebook and I have read many possitive reviews from gamers and graphics designers.
  2. on another note, I would like to buy the ASUS G73 in the States and use it in Europe. I wonder if they have a region-free enabled DVD drive. Or perhaps there is a way to crack it? Any ideas?
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