2 questions (tubro boost and brightness)

hi :hello:

1. Intel's turbo boost...can it be manually turned on when using two cores or is it auto??? kinda concerned with 720qm 1.6 when not in turbo mode :S

2.MSI GX740 reviewed said it has low brightness...can the users confirm this...i think asus N61 series has great brightness, G73 too...but MSI is cheaper...hmm...can someone give answers about this??? thnx
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  1. The thing with turbo boost is that you cannot turn it on at your behest, i.e. it is an auto feature. It will only kick on when the cpu determines that the system needs more juice. I wouldn't worry about it though, as the 720 is a good performing chip, regardless of the 1.6Ghz. Long story short, if you need it, the turbo boost will usually kick in. I cannot speak for the second question, but it would be my guess that you can adjust the brightness a little bit if you find it too low at default settings.
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