CPU Upgrade on a Aspire 9410Z


Well laptop hardware scares me. I always manage to botch something up when dealing with it and since laptops aren't really meant to be toyed with, there usually isn't too much help.

But, I am hoping I can get some help.

Right now, I am running a T2060 branded as a Pentium Dual. It's got a whopping 1.6GHz clock and 1MB of L2. Meh. Who knows what made my buy this thing. Anyway.

There seems to be like 50 variants of essentially the same CPU and really I am confused out of my mind.

Compatibility is my main concern. I am probably going to buy the CPU used because laptop CPUs are insanely expensive new. And I won't be able to return it on most occasions.

Compatibility wise is this what I came up with: Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 Spec Sheet

Albeit, its only 130MHz difference in clock but from what I have heard the T2060 is really just a Celeron on steroids. We would jump 2 levels if we went to Core 2 Duo. (Skipping over plain old Core Duo). Better architecture + 1MB more L2.

I assume I need matching FSBs unless I want to CPU's clock to be...not right...maybe not?

So if any of you have ideas, I'd like to hear them. Oh and by the way, I read just about every thread on Notebookreview forums. It helped, but I am looking for some solid information.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Hey lauxenburg,
    Have you gotten anywhere? I am in the same boat as you. I'd like to upgrade this thing but laptop hardware is pretty much a black box to me
  3. CPU.DUO.M-1.60GHz/1MB/533/D0

    Appears to be the only two listed CPU in the Acer list for this model. Pretty serious work to change it over also with the variety of length screws in the unit. Be very careful to map the screws as you take them out and put them back where they belong.

    Also there is a good chance of the plastic columns inside getting damaged when you dismantle and reassemble the notebook, so once again be very careful.

    Personally I would sell on ebay and put the money towards a more recent model of Acer unit. There are some nice ones on Ebay being advertised, I will be putting an Aspire 5739G on there for sale in a couple of days..... :)
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