Loud buzzing sound when playing original xbox. Opinions?

I have been experiencing a loud buzzing sound when playing my original xbox fora good while now. I've put up with it for a time, but I am now at the point where I really need to do something about it.

I have my xbox hooked up via component cable to my Vizio.

A few weeks back, I grabbed myself a pair of Astros. Tried those, seeing if they made a difference (audio out from television to the mixamp), but I still have the same issue.

At this point, all I can figure is it's the console itself or the component cables. I purchased the cables a few months back, but the xbox was doing little more than collecting dust before then, being that the original, standard definition wires were damaged a while before then and without me replacing them. So I can't remember whether or not the audio was giving me this issue beforehand.

I don't want to drop the cash on another xbox, or even a new pair of component cables at that, if I don't have to. Figured I would head down to the local used game store, grab a cheap pair of standard def cables and see if I still have issues. With that, I am open to any suggestions you guys may have. I am sure the majority of people that frequent this forum have a wealth of information by comparison, which is why I usually come here when I have an issue.

So, yeah. Has anyone else experienced the same problem or have an idea of what may be causing it? Would like to have myself up and running again and at as little expense as possible, obviously. Recently grabbed a fair number of xbox games I have missed over the years and I don't want this audio issue making an annoyance of the experience.

Also, if there is a category better suited for my needs, please let me know.
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    cable TV ground loop isolation transformer
    or, you use these adapters to lift the ground prong of the AC plug on the TV...and other electronics gear, especially the sub woofer
  2. So did you buy the standard def cables or was that something you are intending to do? That is the first step I would take to troubleshoot the problem. I am very much like you in that I have an original xbox and over the past year have been catching up on all the titles I missed at the time. It's a great value way to game.
  3. "loud buzzing"
    is usually a groundloop.
    Standard def cables are not the issue.
  4. Maybe you would be better off listening to soundguruman as his name suggests he probably has a better knowledge than I. But I must ask one thing. have you tried powering off and unplugging all of your connections (I mean totally disconnecting everything power plugs and all) and re-testing? My parents speakers for their tv had a loud buzzing noise, so I unplugged everything and reconnected it all and that sorted it out. Just before you spend any money.
  5. Sorry about the late response to this.

    Turns out it was the component cables. Grabbed a different cable and now everything seems fine.

    Thanks for all the suggestions though. I've learned this is pretty much THE place to go to when looking for tech advice.
  6. Glad you managed to get it sorted. :)
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