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I'm looking for a laptop with either 1920 x 1080 display or 1920 x 1200. Obviously it isn't quite that simple though, I need at least a dual core processor (quad would be a bonus) and decent battery life. I do not want it for gaming, more a mobile htpc so I would love to have an internal blu-ray drive included. Every laptop i've seen with the resolutions I'm looking for are made for gaming and have horrible battery life with the exception of the 17" MBP but that apple tax is ridiculous. I'm seriously considering the mac which is scaring me :lol:. I would like it to have more than 3 hours of battery life, does anybody have any suggestions?
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  1. High resolution pretty much = large screen and a powerful video card. There is no market for a high-end screen on a lower-power laptop. It's like asking for a full size car with a 3-cylinder engine. The display is a pretty large part of the cost of a laptop, and I think manufacturers figured out that it would only make sense to use them in parts where high cost is not that much of an issue, as in gaming laptops.
  2. Ok thank you for the answer
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