Nocona 3.6Ghz/800Mhz Review: Quite respectable!

<A HREF="" target="_new">It seems that</A> Intel's latest Nocona is quite an acceptable performer... And it matches Opteron 250 performance. Of course, it's not quite enough to go much beyond that, but it certainly makes a good showing in the few tests Anandtech did...
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  1. yeah, the nocona was able to match the opteron 250 in 1 of the tests they did, of course in the tohers the opteron excelled by a sizable margin. so i guess this is a victory for nocona, they are getting ever so closer to amd, 1 benchmark at a time i suppose. now we all wait for the opteron 252 on 90nm
  2. Well, Intel ought to know by now that they're behind.

    I'd expect them to react, but I think the true reaction won't be felt until 2005.
  3. I'd like to stand out a repetitive situation in the last months, that we see in this review too (an unavailable Intel product it's reviewed again). Where Xeon Nocona 3.6 is? Only in some manufacturer. It's another paper launch (two months after launch) than other thing. One more paper launch in the last seven-eight months by Intel. Remember Prescott s478 3.4 (theorically launched in february, never available at all); or Prescott s775 3.6 (launched three months ago, and basically missing in any retail store). Or before this, september 2003, anounced P4EE 3.2 in Athlon 64 launch, and P4EE 3.2 was not available in three or four months and only in little quantities.

    The point is: I'd like that hardware webs review available products. Otherwise this is misleading smoke.

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