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I recently purchased an ASUS G73jh-A1-cbil Republic of Gamers laptop. I am experiencing problems with some kind of foriegn language key logger. It pops up infrequently when playing Halo 2 and continuously with Crysis. It looks like a Win 7 "gadget" and behaves like Sticky Keys, but but tracks all key srokes in Japanese/Chinese characters. It will, during games change keyboard settings, graphics setting, crash games and on one occasion crashed the computer (forced a memory stack dump). ASUS was absolutely no help, insisting that I needed to restore Win7 every time I called (4x now).
I spoke to someone who has an ASUS G51vx-X1A, He expeiences the same problems with his laptop but so infrequently that he ignores it.
Has anyone else ever seen this problem, know what it is or how to kill it?
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  1. The next time you start a game, see if there are any strange processes or applications running in the background. If you can find one, shut it down and see what happens. Have you tried running a virus/malware scan to see if it picks anything up?
  2. Thanks for the responce, I had already tried those ideas. No virus'/malware, and no unusual process' that I could tell. The simplest solution was just to return the POC before my 30 days had run out.

    Thanks anyways.
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